AXXANT Fine Wines

Located near Saint Emilion, AXXANT provides a wide range of wines from the region, from entry level to a selection of petit chateaux to Grand Crus.

Our entry level wines are produced directly by our manager and founder, Stéphane who poured into his winery all the knowledge acquired in his 20 years in the wine business. Grapes are collected from the surrounding vineyards and then carefully and rigorously selected, in order to produce the best quality wine. The production is then monitored step by step, from production, through vinification and up to bottling. The care with which the wine-making process is handled provides a stable production of quality wines. Our OEM wines are synonym to reliability and quality/price value for money.

Throughout his 20 years of experience, Stéphane has built a strong and deep relationship with many wine makers in the region and can provide the best wines, both from petit chateaux and renowned vineyards, at competitive prices.

Our products are tailor-made ; we support our customers from the choice of the wines through the design of the label right to the selection of the components - labels, corks, capsules and bottles all manufactured according to our customers OEM standards.

As a matter of fact, one of our strong points is the relationship we have and build with our customers; we provide help and assistance for wine tastings, events, exhibitions and all kinds of promotional activities in which our customers are involved.

We are looking forward to establishing long term partnerships with key local distributors like your company. Our aim is to promote Bordeaux wines and bring them to our customers directly from our vineyards.

We would like to present further our work to you. Please just send us your enquiries by email, and we would give you all answers needed.

888 rue des Frères Bureau 33350 Castillon-la-Bataille - Bordeaux - France

Phone : +33 980 888 691 --- Fax : +33 985 888 691

Siret 488 3838 94 00018